• ETH Lean Startup Academy

    No bla, just do - Turn your idea into a startup!

    Hands-on entrepreneurship during the Spring semester.

    (You can join class directly, there is no application process)

  • The Process

    Turn your idea in a startup in 3 simple steps:

    (You can join class directly, there is no application process)


    Join class

    Join the class and think of a great idea or motivation to join a team with an idea.

    (You can join class directly, there is no application process)


    Validate idea

    Validate your startup idea during the Lean Startup Academy from Feb-May.


    Scale startup

    Continue with your startup adventure after the course

  • The Lecturer

    CEO & Co-Founder rready

  • Project based learning!

      • Learn what it takes to be an entrepreneur, no theory-bingo & 100% learning-by-doing!
      • Fast-prototype your idea, get real customer feedback and learn how to pitch

    • The Kickbox Framework

        The teams will work with the KICKBOOK innovation framework to get from idea to a tangible prototype and real market feedback.

      • Meet entrepreneurial leaders!

        During the first rounds of the "Lean Startup Academy", the students had the chance to talk to leading voices in the entrepreneurship and lean startup world and challenge their ideas with them. Here for example with Mark Randall, former Head Innovation at Adobe and inventor of Kickbox.


      • Media Coverage

        Collection of articles about Kickbox

        HSG Center for Entrepreneurship

        An article about the pilot of Kickbox Academy during the "High-tech startup management" course with students from ETH and HSG.

        Bottom-up Innovation with Kickbox

        This article looks at the most important lessons learned during the implementation of Kickbox.

        Experienced Kickbox coaches picked five helpful and proven tips for supporting intrapreneurs on their first steps.

        Way too many times people assess bottom-up driven innovation basically as a good idea but don’t see it as an adequate solution for their own organization.

        Swisscom KMU-Magazin

        Article about the long-term effect of the Kickbox programme within an organisation, showcasing the most successful Kickbox projects developed at Swisscom. (only in German)

        Impact Hub Zurich

        An article about the intrapreneurship program @ Swisscom and the intersection between corporates and startups. (only in German)